Depilation has been common practice since the time of the Egyptians.

For women, unwanted hair has always been an annoying problem that is almost an obligation to remedy, from adolescence onwards. For some years now, however, male hair removal has been growing rapidly: an ever increasing number of men decide, for various reasons, that it is better to rid themselves of one of the greatest distinctive signs of their manhood.

Unwanted hair can be more or less obvious, more or less numerous and more or less thick depending on various characteristics: people with olive complexion and dark hair have the most evident down of those with fair skin and, depending on the relationship between androgen and estrogen hormones, will be more and less dense and will accompany us for most of the course of life.

Hair removal techniques

The elimination of unwanted hair can be carried out using two different basic techniques: depilation and epilation. While the first term refers to the simple removal of the hair shaft (the part that emerges from the skin), epilation also removes the hair root, including the bulb (for this reason it represents a more rational and definitive solution to the problem of unwanted hair ).

Today there are really many alternatives to remove hair: permanent hair removal, creams or razors, waxing and other more or less reliable strategies that are chosen by the subject in question according to their needs, their own portfolio and, let’s not forget, also based on own endurance of pain!

Depilatory creams and razors are the perfect choice for those who are not very hairy or for those who prefer not to suffer even if it is a quick rip: light-skinned women and men, for example. The fact that they are cheap but on the other hand is positive that the hair, severed and not extracted, will grow back much faster and certainly strengthened.

Waxing is perhaps the most ancient and widespread method to remove hair at the root and ensure smooth skin for at least 2 weeks to gentle girls or men who have decided to shave. In the past it was exclusively used for beauty centers and salons, but today it is also widely used as a home-made DIY practice thanks to the vast choice of products and the many technological supports that facilitate its use.

Another practice in use is the elimination of unwanted hair by electrolysis or electrocoagulation. This technique generally gives definitive results but the duration of the sessions, the fact that it is rather painful and of course the cost, generally make it more practiced in limited areas such as groin and mustache.

Speaking of definitive elimination of superfluous hair, the latest and most innovative technique is that of pulsed light. The system originates from the technological experience of laser, and due to its characteristics, it has become the most effective method and used in definitive photo-depilation. The greater the contrast between light skin and dark hair, the greater the effectiveness. This method is certainly the most expensive and must be repeated many times before the result is satisfactory as at each session only the hairs are treated in the life cycle which makes them external to the bulb and therefore impossible to be separated.

The team of Vupiesse, evaluating the pros and cons of all listed methods such as costs, time, duration of treatment and ease of use, has created DepilTua, the new body temperature roll-on depilatory system: the most effective, safe and practical system for professional hair removal at home, aesthetically perfect and long lasting.

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