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Whenever we have to solve a problem related to the achievement of goals such as weight loss, toning, wrinkle reduction or other types of blemishes, we find information from the sources that we believe to be the most authoritative: the trusted friend, the type they say is a genius, his mother and his “grandmother’s remedy” but more and more often Google (internet) which, for all our research, offers millions and millions of topics without making us understand which one is right for us.

And the same goes for the advice and suggestions we get from the people we believe are dear, trusted and authoritative.

Too often we forget that the same problem can be solved in different ways depending on the subject who suffers and that the same goal can be achieved by implementing different measures depending on the variables involved.

The best strategy is always the one designed and conceived specifically for the subject in question and it is precisely for this reason, and because we care a lot about the results that we can achieve, that we have put at your disposal an expert doctor.

No magic potions or strange diets, only the experience and the great preparation of a professional at your service that will answer your questions, your doubts and your desire to understand once and for all, how to achieve the results you have long desired.

Read the topics already covered, ask your questions and take a look at the success stories!

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What size do the electrodes have?2019-06-04T15:14:41+02:00

Size of adhesive gel electrodes: cm.3,5×4,5 or cm.9×4. Minimum electrode surface: 15 sq cms

What products should I combine with Tua Spa?2019-04-24T08:12:29+02:00

Tua Spa can be used with simple tap water for all treatments. For even better results, use a water-based cleansing lotion or a facial cleanser on damp skin for deep cleansing and exfoliation treatment. For micromassage you can use your favorite serum, gel, oil, cream, etc. that will be applied to damp skin.

Are there any contraindications for using Tua Viso in case of spots on the face caused by sun exposure after antibiotic treatments, which disappear when I’m not tanned?2019-04-24T08:12:29+02:00

Skin blemishes visible especially in summer have a hormonal origin. Tua Viso can be used without any risk.

How does electrostimulation work?2019-04-24T08:12:29+02:00

Electrostimulation acts through electrical impulses applied to the skin by means of two electrodes. These impulses are able to determine the excitement of the underlying muscles that contract involuntarily, giving rise to a true “passive gymnastics”.

How can I “speed up” the results?2019-04-24T08:12:29+02:00

The exercise induced by electrostimulation can be compared to active gymnastics. The duration and frequency of the sessions is therefore individual. We recommend following the instructions according to the manual. Do not exceed 30 minutes of training for each muscle group. After an initial period of about 3-4 workouts, the muscles need to adapt to a new training method, the intensity can be adjusted to maximum levels to get the best results.

How’s the feeling when I use Tua Viso?2019-06-04T15:14:41+02:00

It is very pleasant – the feeling is a slight vibration and a delicate “pull”. The sponges give a comfortable feeling and there is no risk of the metal touching the skin.

What happens if I apply TUA VISO on the wrong points, if I stimulate the nerve instead of the muscle? Can it cause sciatica or neuralgia?2019-04-24T08:12:29+02:00

With regard to the muscle-nerve question, electrostimulation activates the muscle directly, but even passing through the nerve, it is its common way of spreading, so there is no risk of sciatica or neuralgia.

Where do the products come from on this site?2019-04-24T08:12:29+02:00

All products from Vupiesse are 100% Made in Italy.

Do I have to do all the treatments at once for the best results?2019-04-24T08:12:28+02:00

Select the preferred treatment or a combination of treatments according to your needs. You can do the treatments separately at different times or combine the treatments as you wish. A tip to save time: Deep cleansing and exfoliation followed by the Skin Booster treatment.

Where Can Tua Silver not be used?2019-04-24T08:12:28+02:00

In case of allergy to the electrode gel, suspend treatment and consult a doctor. Do not apply the electrodes to areas with hyperpigmentation (moles) or varicose veins. Do not apply the electrodes directly to the breasts, but to the muscles which support them. Do not use in intimate areas, under the armpits, in the groin or behind the knees. Do not use on the abdomen of expectant mothers. IN CASE OF DOUBT, SEE A DOCTOR

Where can I use Tua Spa?2019-04-24T08:12:28+02:00

Tua Spa can be used on the face, neck, décolleté, the back of the hands, arms and in congested areas like on the back.

Is it normal that my skin turns slightly pink after using Tua Silver?2019-04-24T08:12:28+02:00

Stimulation can cause skin reddening at the electrodes, especially in people with extremely sensitive skin. Such reddening is perfectly normal and usually disappears quickly.

Does TUA VISO contraindication for Diabetes sufferers?2019-04-24T08:12:28+02:00

Your face can easily be used also in diabetics: not by chance this is not among the contraindications reported in the illustrative leaflets of the appliance.

I’m 55 years old, I’ve been using Tua Viso for over three months, since the beginning I followed the instructions of the manual about the execution times for each single exercise and the intensity of the contraction, now, after some time, I would like to know if it is better to modify2019-04-24T08:12:28+02:00

Hello Mrs. Ornella,

As you well know, Tua Viso does real facial exercises for small and delicate facial muscles. Thus a toning action is expressed which you have already been able to verify. I would advise you to continue doing exercises consistently, but without obstinacy, it is not necessary to do them every day.

Make sure you go to the gym, go there when you can, when you feel like it, 3 times a week is a “sustainable” and effective rhythm for results.

As for the bags under the eyes, there is no muscle, but Tua Viso is effective because it expresses a “squeezing” action by performing a sort of drainage. Perhaps the visible action is less evident but you will see that in time you will still be able to appreciate the results.


I had a treatment with Aquamid. Can I use Tua Viso?2019-04-24T08:12:27+02:00

Generally speaking, there is no contraindication to using Tua Viso after a filler treatment. The possibility that the filler lasts less time is not linked to the use of Tua Viso above the treated area. However, it may happen that if I fill a wrinkle with a filler and use Tua Viso incorrectly, that is by making the wrinkle contract too much, I can determine a shorter duration. It is for this reason that it is advisable to always use Tua Viso in a way that is not too energetic, that is, not to accentuate the wrinkle contraction. In the specific case the problem is another. The Aquamid used is a permanent filler, that is it will never go away and unfortunately it is a filler that, although rarely, can cause inflammation and granulomas even after 2-3 years from the implant. In my opinion, in this case it is advisable not to use Tua Viso above the treated area, not because it favors the disappearance of the product, but because it could facilitate the inflammation of the substance. In this case it could happen that the customer accuses (wrongly) Tua Viso and not Aquamid of being the cause of future damages.

I have Acne problems, can I use TUA VISO?2019-04-24T08:12:27+02:00

No contraindication for acne.

I have an umbilical hernia. Can I use TWIN UP T7?2019-04-24T08:12:27+02:00

It depends on the extent of the hernia. Since in some cases the hole is narrow and the viscera that creep in can be many, there is a risk of choking. For this reason it is good that a doctor decides after visiting the patient.

I have an injection of a temporal implant (radiesse) to fill my wrinkles. Is there any contraindication? Will the implant disappear earlier with the use of TUA VISO / TUA TRE’ND FACE?2019-04-24T08:12:27+02:00

The presence of absorbable or permanent fillers does not preclude the use of Tua Viso. By using the equipment properly there is no interference whatsoever in the life of the injected product, on the contrary the regular use of the appliance prevents the formation of further wrinkles.

I have a thyroid goiter, can I use Tua Viso?2019-04-24T08:12:27+02:00

Regarding thyroid goiter, there are no contraindications to the use of Tua Viso.

Can electrostimulation of the neck lead to irritation of the lymph nodes located there?2019-04-24T08:12:26+02:00

Stimulation of the muscle bundles of the neck does not affect the lymph nodes, unless they are already inflamed.

Does electrostimulation cause pain?2019-04-24T08:12:26+02:00

No, electrostimulation must not cause pain, it could possibly cause “discomfort” in particularly sensitive subjects.
To obtain the best results it is good to regulate the intensity so that the stimulation is sustained and the contraction of the muscles is clearly visible but always pleasant, without ever arriving at a sensation of discomfort.

I got a treatment with Restylane hyaluronic acid, can I still use TUA VISO or defeat the results of Restylane?2019-04-24T08:12:26+02:00

The two treatments can be completely integrated, also because they are aimed at two different levels, one deep (muscle) and one superficial (skin).

Can I use TUA VISO during pregnancy?2019-04-24T08:12:26+02:00

Tua Viso would have no scientific contraindication during pregnancy, but for legal precautionary purposes – the company does not recommend its use.

Can Tua Spa be used with sensitive skin?2019-04-24T08:12:26+02:00

Tua Spa can be used without problems by people with sensitive skin or areas of the face and neck that are very sensitive. If you have sensitive skin, we recommend that you start each treatment slowly and carefully, and no longer than 1 minute for the entire treatment, until you feel safe and have found a comfortable setting.

What is the difference between Tua Spa and Tua Tre’nd?2019-04-24T08:12:26+02:00

Tua Spa is an all-in-one product for deep and anti-age cleansing that cleanses and energizes the facial muscles for a clean, well-groomed, lively and tonic look. Tua Tre’nd is for strengthening the muscles of the face, thus firming and toning the face and neck to a much deeper level. Using Tua Spa together with Tua Tre’nd is a fantastic way to ensure you keep a clean, toned, radiant and youthful appearance.

When can Tua Silver not be used?2019-04-24T08:12:25+02:00

Do not use Tua Silver on children, people with pace-makers or those in poor psychophysical conditions or with physiological or organic disorders. The appliance is not suited for wearers of metal prostheses or aortoabdominal bypasses. Do not apply in transthoracic mode to prevent interference with heart frequency. IN CASE OF DOUBT, SEE A DOCTOR.

When can I expect to see results of YOUR FACE?2019-04-24T08:12:25+02:00

It depends on your initial muscle tone. You may begin to notice the difference in just 4-6 weeks. Some clients insist that they see a face lift after 10 sessions and a difference after only 3 treatments. Everyone will be very happy within 12 weeks!

How many times do I have to use Tua Viso to see really good results?2019-04-24T08:12:25+02:00

It depends on your initial muscle tone. You may begin to notice the difference in just 4-6 weeks. Some clients insist that they see a face lift after 10 sessions and a difference after only 3 treatments. Everyone will be very happy within 12 weeks!

How many times should I use Tua Spa?2019-04-24T08:12:25+02:00

Tua Spa is gentle enough for daily use. However, if you have sensitive skin, we recommend starting with deep cleansing and exfoliation 2 – 3 times a week.

How long does it take to see results?2019-04-24T08:12:25+02:00

Since people are not all the same, the results are also different for each individual. The results also depend on the frequency of use and the initial muscle tone. For the best results we recommend a use of 3 times a week, on a particular area with the specific program. To improve the tone of the muscle groups, use only SLIM and TONE programs for a period of 3-4 weeks. You may see results within the first 8-10 weeks. Light exercise, such as walking, is recommended during this treatment period.

How long does a treatment take?2019-04-24T08:12:25+02:00

It depends on your needs and the treatment selected. In general it is 2 – 3 minutes per treatment.

Hi, I’m a fitness instructor and I have problems with leg contractures. Doing research I found that electrostimulation can help solve this problem? At home I have a small portable stimulator.2019-04-24T08:12:25+02:00

Yes, we confirm that correct electrostimulation applications are very useful for muscle contractures.

We do not know which device you have and if it has programs suitable for the purpose, but in principle the decontracting currents must be at low frequency, capable of producing a sort of “electronic” massage without bringing the muscles to strong tetanic contractions. For example, some devices have programs called Active Recovery, and are recommended after intense physical exertion such as those of competing athletes or after important exercise sessions.

I would be interested in buying an electrostimulator to firm and strengthen the abdominals, but I have been suffering from spastic colitis for several years now. Can I still use the electro-stimulator on my abs or is there some contraindication?2019-04-14T19:26:35+02:00

Generally the electrostimulation, determining – besides its common actions – a mild abdominal massage and a better blood flow, is of help in the forms of spastic colitis. There are no contraindications of any kind.

Can you use TUA VISO after a surgical face lift?2019-04-24T08:12:24+02:00

The use of Tua Viso after a face lift is certainly admissible, indeed it is desirable as a stimulus to firming.

Is Tua Viso safe?2019-04-24T08:12:24+02:00

Tua Viso is completely safe. Professional electrostimulators have been used in hospitals, clinics and salons for more than 40 years. Tua Viso appliances have been clinically tested by a respected scientific research team and are in line with the strict international quality control standards. Although it is extremely effective, the current of Tua Viso is actually very low.

Can Tua Viso be used by people suffering from hypertension?2019-04-24T08:12:24+02:00

Tua Viso can also be used safely during hypertension. Neither the electrostimulating current, nor the developed muscular exercise have interferences or relapses with the general pressure state.

I would like to know if TUA VISO can also be used by those who are sclerodermal (it is an autoimmune rheumatic disease)2019-04-24T08:12:24+02:00

There are no contraindications in scleroderma, because the musculature is not affected by the disease.

I would like to know if, to your knowledge, the use of the TUA VISO face stimulator can damage dental implants in titanium.2019-04-24T08:12:24+02:00

There is no risk in using Tua Viso near prostheses of any kind, including titanium.

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