Sport implies, at every level, a degree of competition. If there are no opposing teams to beat you can always try to outdo yourself. In addition to the motivations related to well-being and aesthetics, those who play sports look for, workout after workout, improving their performance.

A sprinter will be interested in decreasing his times, a weight lifter to increase his strength, a jumper will always want to go higher and a cyclist will want to be more responsive and faster uphill. Whatever the objective the athlete aims at, with determination, perseverance and a bit of healthy sacrifice, he will succeed day after day in going beyond what he thought were his limits.

To optimize its performance in the discipline that is practiced, the effort is undoubtedly to be implemented on several fronts in order to train the body and mind to endure greater fatigue in terms of more intense physical effort or more protracted over time. The runners who are preparing for marathons or 100 kms are in fact sportsmen who, in addition to running on a regular basis and with pre-set programs, also train their psyche to last longer, not to give in when the first signs of fatigue occur which are much more often psychological than physical.

Running the 100 kms taking less time than the previous race means undergoing periods in which a strategy is implemented that covers sports, psyche and of course nutrition. Dealing with sports competitions means undergoing very strong stresses that could be harmful if adequate preparation were lacking: a diet designed specifically for the expected effort, training that prepares the body for effort, resistance, and step-up without ever forgetting that, if the mind does not it is ready, even the best prepared body can do little.

Nothing can be left to chance and the more tricks the individual will be able to implement, the more his efforts will be repaid.

The scientific medical team of Vupiesse has studied some tools that allow to improve sports performances without however involving fatigue and with really remarkable advantages. Unlike active physical exercise, in fact, electrostimulation allows practicing what is commonly called passive gymnastics: the muscles involved are in fact solicited without the user having to actively exercise.

In addition to the usual routine in the gym, using the Vupiesse electrostimulation devices after training the results will arrive faster and will be far better.

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