TheRotofit system is not actually a technology, but a patented electrode system for the application of electrostimulation technology.

It is present in belt electrostimulators, such as YOU, TUA EXCEL, TUA SILVER. To obtain a deep and effective muscle stimulation it is essential that the muscle bundles are exercised taking into account their shape, size and orientation.

ROTOFIT, thanks to an original 360 ° movement, allows you to immediately position the pairs of electrodes on the various muscle groups according to their natural anatomy.

The electrodes in each pair slide along the flexible support clip, to move them closer together or farther apart.
The sliding, distance adjustable electrode pairs can be rotated on their pivot to any angle.
ROTOFIT is curved to conform to the curved parts of the body, flexible to adapt to flat parts.
The pairs of electrodes, sliding on their strap can be variously spaced from each other.

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