Expressions of common use such as “you are flabby!” Or “you are hard as marble” or “you are very taut” refer to what is commonly and scientifically called muscle tone. Indeed, there are motor units that are part of certain muscles that remain constantly active, even when the entire muscle is not contracting. Their contraction, rather than provoking a displacement, serves in this case to keep the muscle itself still and tense.

A muscle that has a reduced muscle tone appears flaccid and soft, while even a modest tone will give the muscle greater strength and hardness. Toning the muscles of the body is important not only for improving the physical appearance but above all for the health of the body.

A good muscle tone at rest not only contributes to improving the aesthetics of the body but it also has a very important function also for posture, it is essential to stabilize the position of the bony heads and joints. In the muscles responsible for posture and balance, for example, a sufficient number of motor units is continuously stimulated to generate the isometric tension necessary to maintain the body position. Furthermore, the muscle tone helps to prevent sudden and uncontrolled changes in the bone and joint position. The elastic nature of the muscles and tendons also makes it possible to absorb shocks and sudden impacts.

These are just some of the examples that show how important the optimal state of muscle tone is that must be maintained and stimulated through physical activity and targeted exercises as well as naturally, maintaining a correct lifestyle and a healthy diet. The activity of muscle spindles (specialized muscle cells controlled by sensory nerves that control the muscle tone of the adjacent tissue) increases with exercise and the basic muscle tone that they contribute to maintaining and promoting rapid recruitment during voluntary contraction.

At the other extreme, failure to stimulate a skeletal muscle, if prolonged, will reduce both total mass and muscle tone leading to what is commonly referred to as muscle atrophy.

So being firm and toned must not only be an aesthetic goal but also a goal to be achieved to get better over time; it is recommended to practice regularly.

Excellent support from a personal trainer who knows how to suggest which tools to use in the gym, the correct movements, the series of exercises and the purpose of each of them, but unfortunately you do not always have the time nor the money available.

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