Microcurrent technology proves useful and effective in increasing local skin circulation and stimulating its renewal processes, thus improving tone and compactness and encouraging tissue regeneration.
Early senescence, due to external factors and a general slowing down of synthetic activity, can be effectively contrasted by the delivery of micro-currents, powerful activators of cellular metabolism and local circulation of the skin.

Microcurrents prove to be effective in rebalancing local metabolism, especially on aging skin where cell renewal processes are slowed due to the poor intake of nutrients and the low blood supply.

The increase in the circulation stimulated by the microcurrents brings oxygen and nutrients to the deep layers of the skin; at the same time the delicate energy applied helps to revive and stimulate the natural processes of cell renewal.
The microcurrent, through the special applicator, passes through the tissues flowing from the inside to the outer surface of the skin; it also has a moderate toning effect on the subcutaneous tissues.
These actions together help to make wrinkles and folds less visible and give the face a more toned and relaxed appearance.

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