More and more people want to lose weight: the term overweight generally indicates an excess of kilos compared to the standards set by the World Health Organization. This condition is extended to many sections of the population, especially those where food supply is abundant and the sedentary lifestyle. It is also considered by many to be an important risk factor for the onset of numerous chronic diseases, especially in the most serious cases, if you are faced with a real obesity problem.

A healthy body is not a body without fat but it is a body that has the right proportion between lean mass (muscle) and fat mass (fat, flab or whatever we want to call it!). For this reason it is necessary to eat correctly, providing a diet that provides the right amount of lipids as well as carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins.

Unfortunately, today most of the foods we consume contain high percentages of lipids and sugars which, when combined with an inactive lifestyle, are not consumed/burned and over time transformed into the hated localized fat: rolls on the stomach, muffin top, pads on the thighs and enlarged waistline are just some of the consequences caused by a poor way of eating and laziness.

Overweight, that is the excess of body fat, involves greater difficulty in moving, fatigue and above all an inevitable frustration caused by a worsening of one’s own image, due to the localized fat on the stomach, hips, thighs, buttocks and also on the face.
The clothes tighten, the muffin top burst from the pants, the jacket does not close and the buttons of the shirt jump; that little black dress that gave us so much today makes us look awkward, the delicious costume that was perfect today seems to be three sizes too small and the mirror that reflects our image just seems to have no mercy!

What weight loss program?

The day inevitably comes when we promise ourselves that it is time to change our lifestyle. Enough, starting tomorrow I go on a diet and start doing sport! Who hasn’t said it at least once in his life and who thinks he will never tell? Very few indeed.

Today the company offers thousands of different diets, supplements of any kind, remedies of dubious origin and so on. We are well aware, however, that the only effective way to combat overweight is a healthy diet associated with physical activity; a correct lifestyle that brings multiple and lasting benefits to body spirit and mind.

Doing sports means keeping your musculature active and dynamic and therefore promoting lean mass to the detriment of fat, it means increasing your basal metabolism proportionally by burning more and facilitating over time the process of weight loss and mobilization of localized fat.

And if it is true that the best way to defeat the enemy is to attack him on all fronts, we at Vupiesse have developed cutting-edge tools and technologies that, by acting directly on your muscle tissue and on your fatty tissue facilitate localized weight loss, slimming down your body at critical points and achieving the much desired results.

Coming to terms with your mirror… we comes!

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