The physical aspect, we know, is important. Today the aesthetic standards have changed a lot compared to a few years ago.
If in the past the real woman had to be soft, curvy, and man enough to appear manly, preferably with a pot belly, today society imposes on us the very different aesthetic references. Banned muffin tops, rolls and sensual female sinuosities (not all, of course)!

Today to be “beautiful”, the society suggests really rigid aesthetic standards shown continuously on billboards, in magazines or on television programs: muscles defined as they were carved on rock, beautiful women with abdominals in sight that would envy an athlete and declared war to the flab!

For most of the male people, the goal is therefore to make muscles grow, increase lean mass, volume and power to make them turgid and more defined, just like real body builders.


Muscle augmentation occurs due to two types of cellular adaptations: when our muscle cells increase in number we speak of hyperplasia, while when they increase their volume, we speak of hypertrophy and, as happens in body building, more often the increase is due to the latter.

To achieve satisfactory results, it is necessary to work on several fronts and in a regular way: maintaining a correct lifestyle by avoiding smoking and alcohol and trying to rest well, train constantly in a strategic way and eat healthy with respect to one’s goal and also with respect to the physical effort goal that requires.

Nutrition has about 60-70% in the construction of lean mass, therefore, a specific diet should be adopted, rich in carbohydrates that provide the body with the right energy, proteins that contribute to muscle growth and dosed fats also according to their constitution: those who are thin will have to gain weight first and it will therefore require a greater quantity of calories.

To develop muscle mass the whole organism must be stimulated, not only the parts that want to “grow” and the optimal stimulus for hypertrophy (increase in muscle mass) is given by the execution of exercises for a medium-low number of repetitions (6- 10) using rather high overloads (70-80% of the maximum). Considering the extreme variability of response to the training stimulus, there will be people who will get better results with more or less repetitions and more or less challenging charges.

When said so far, it shows how difficult, tiring and lengthy it is to be able to develop one’s musculature and how much effort this entails, from many points of view. The determination and the will are not only fundamental but necessary to achieve the goals that may take quite a long time to achieve.

The scientific staff of Vupiesse has created tools that can optimize your sacrifices and greatly improve the results of your workouts by reducing the times that divide you from the results you so desire to get.

To see improvements and optimal results, among other things, it is absolutely recommended to vary the type of training or effort to which the affected muscle is subjected: for this, using the training programs of the Vupiesse products designed for the development of muscle mass, you will vary the exercises, you will stimulate the mass with different stimuli with less effort, shorter times but really satisfying results.

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