Electrostimulation, a technology now universally appreciated and recognized, finds full application in aesthetics, in physiotherapy and in sports training.
Electrostimulation exploits a natural principle present in our body; the brain in fact stimulates the muscles through electrochemical impulses sent to the fibers.

In the same way, an electrostimulator applies to the muscles and tissues, through the electrodes, particular low-intensity currents, controlled and absolutely safe, able to cause the passive contraction of the muscle fibers and increase the blood flow in the affected areas.

Thus a real passive gymnastics is achieved.

The advantages of electrostimulation

  • selectively stimulate the different muscle groups through the placement of the electrodes
  • obtain deep and prolonged stimulation of the fibers simply by adjusting the intensity of the stimulation current.
  • perform a very intense muscular work without overloading the joints.
  • do not tire the body as it happens with traditional physical activity.
  • achieve appreciable progress in a short time, through applications that can be done comfortably at home or wherever you prefer.

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