The cellulite(fibro-sclerotic edematous panniculopathy) is an alteration of the structures of the skin/subcutaneous tissue that is manifested on the surface with a spongy appearance and perforated skin called also orange peeland from swelling more or less evident. This particular aspect of the tissue is caused by the increase in volume (hypertrophy) of the fat cells. Cellulite is not directly linked to overweight and therefore to thinness or obesity: we find overweight women and men who do not suffer from this pathology and other normal weight subjects who are afflicted by it.

The causes of cellulite

The formation of cellulite is mainly due to the action of estrogens (female sex hormones) that favor greater fluid retention and a natural deposit of fat, especially on the thighs, buttocks and hips.

However several concomitant factors contribute to cellulite:

  • alteration of the microcirculation
  • sex, race or familiarity (primary factors)
  • life stages, particular pathologies or taking of drugs (secondary factors)
  • bad habits, unhealthy nutrition, smoking and alcohol, a sedentary lifestyle … (aggravating factors)

Even wearing too tight clothing or shoes with too high heels can have negative effects on the circulation of the legs, aggravating this pathology.

The stages of cellulite

We can mainly identify three evolutionary stages of cellulite, characterized by a progressive degeneration of the tissue concerned:

  • Edematous phase: presence of swelling due to the stagnation of liquids in the tissue and accumulation of fat and water in the cells. The skin is still taut and elastic, if compressed no “fingerprints” remain, but a sense of heaviness in the limbs begins to be felt
  • Fibrous phase: due to poor drainage of accumulated slag and insufficient tissue oxygenation, the fat cells remain imprisoned in the surrounding tissues and begins the process of reactive fibrosis with formation of fine nodulations. The epidermis reddens if compressed and assumes the so-called “orange peel” appearance
  • Sclererotic phase: strong slowing of blood and lymphatic flow, with increased and painful nodules to the touch. The initial fibrosis has turned into true sclerosis of the tissues that have caged in large hard clusters the previous micronodules. The number of dilated capillaries present grows. The skin surface is no longer homogeneous but has the typical “mattress” look, is cold to the touch due to the circulatory insufficiency, is sore if touched.

Anti-cellulitis remedies

Today, fortunately, there are many treatments available for cellulite, to improve your situation and reduce it over time.
Aesthetic medicine and science offer effective technologies and methods to cure this disease: ranging from invasive interventions to lymphatic drainage massages, vials, creams and injections under the skin, sludge and all kinds of treatments whose cost and time of action are really varied.

There is no better and universally valid method because the causes and factors that lead to the appearance of cellulite are really varied as well as the reactions and results that treatments can bring. For this reason experts advise to fight this unpleasant imperfection acting on different fronts. First of all, sticking to a proper lifestyle is the essential and necessary basis: drinking plenty of water, eating a lot of fruit and vegetables, avoiding foods rich in fat and sugar, salting little, making so much movement are devices that help promote the circulation and drainage of liquids and toxins.

Depending on your tastes and your wallet, everyone will choose if and how to deal with the problem.

Massages, injections, creams and supplements are inexpensive if you think of only one treatment or one package but alas we know that cellulite cannot be defeated with a simple lymph drainage: this is why the beautician becomes the place that you visit the most after the office!

We at Vupiesse together with our medical-scientific staff have developed remedies for cellulite with the aim of bringing you satisfactory results that at the same time allow you not to depend on your favorite masseuse or expensive creams that unfortunately end too quickly over time, but instead make you autonomous and independent allowing you to use them at any time and place of the day but above all without having to spend half the salary each time.

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