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Cathi Watson and Tua Viso from United States of America Gentlemen...I've been using Tua-Viso for years, the results are amazing! More of the World has has to hear about this incredible unit...LOOKS DO MATTER. Cathi

CATHI AND TUA VISO FROM USA2019-04-24T08:12:30+02:00

Alice and Tua Tre’nd Face

I have always had a very good skin for my age and I have daily used sun protection and tried to follow a healthy and balanced diet. Nevertheless I started to hate the way my chin got older and I wanted more definition again. I did my best to avoid being photographed from the side [...]

Alice and Tua Tre’nd Face2019-04-24T08:12:30+02:00

Camlynn and Vupiesse products

★★★★★ Amazing personal care products, Amazing results!! I've been using Tua Excel belt, Tua Viso for the past 15 years without a hitch...and now falling IN LOVE with my new Tua Spa! My skin never felt so soft, so smooth and so radiant. Thank you Vupiesse for producing high standard products, reasonably priced without compromising [...]

Camlynn and Vupiesse products2019-04-24T08:12:30+02:00

Carola and Tua Viso

"I bought Tua Viso in April and used it for 8 weeks. I think that Tua Viso made the difference - I feel my face started to look more symmetrical and the area of my cheeks rose. I am 63 years old and it is clear to me that, being in post menopause, my skin [...]

Carola and Tua Viso2019-04-24T08:12:30+02:00

Cynthia Houston

hi I bought the Tua viso 3 years ago and I would not be without it, it's fantastic ! given I am 60 years old my face and neck muscles are incredibly still firm. Now I desperately need to buy more sponges as mine are very worn but I do not know where to go [...]

Cynthia Houston2019-04-24T08:12:16+02:00

Linda and Tua Viso

"Hi, I wanted to write and say WOW! I bought my Tua Viso from you about 6 weeks ago and I can't believe it what results it gives me. I am 54 years old and have had very large bags under my eyes, very heavy and drooping eyelids and even drooping cheeks. I could no [...]

Linda and Tua Viso2019-04-24T08:12:16+02:00

Michaela and TuaTre’nd

"I am 41 years old and although I have always looked younger than my real age, since I turned 40 however, I noticed a bad relaxation around my eyes and my chin. I used TuaTrend as indicated, and I soon noticed that the line of my chin has become more defined, and the giant bags [...]

Michaela and TuaTre’nd2019-04-24T08:12:16+02:00

Renato and XFormer

Good morning, In January of this year I was operated on my right hand for Dupuytren's disease (complicated name to say that there are small formations on the tendon that must be removed in order not to compromise the functionality of the hand). In conclusion 35 sutures on the palm of the hand and about [...]

Renato and XFormer2019-04-24T08:12:16+02:00

Romana and Vupiesse in Australia

Vupiesse products are the best quality in the world, and I am aware that even now there is no comparison on the market to Tua products. I have been proud to represent your products here and keep customers happy, and I hope to continue for a very long time to be involved with Vupiesse Italia [...]

Romana and Vupiesse in Australia2019-04-24T08:12:16+02:00

Sara and Tua Viso

"After a careful evaluation towards the end of last year, I made the decision to buy Tua Viso - after reading as much as possible and talking to your girls on the phone. I was very enthusiastic and curious about what I could achieve. Today Tua Viso has been part of my daily routine for [...]

Sara and Tua Viso2019-04-24T08:12:16+02:00
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